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FAQ / Contact

Some of the questions that might be on your mind!


All dairy ice cream starts out with pasteurized eggs, sugar, half-n-half, heavy whipping cream and milk. All flavors are tested and perfected with homemade recipes of the Pudgy Udder Ice Cream Co.!

Non-dairy flavors use silk products as the main ingredient. Ice cream is also adjusted for gluten free by using approved gf products.

All flavors are custom made. If you want a unique flavor just ask.

Tipsy Cow Brand

All tipsy cow brand ice cream is for patrons over 21 years of age. We blend just the right amount of your favorite adult beverage for the taste you long for. 

Container sizes

Quart and pint sizes are sold on the website. We also can sell cups (8oz) or half cups (4oz) by calling 636-888-4545 to make an order. 


Currently, after ordering, please call 636-888-4545 to arrange for delivery or a good meeting spot to get your ice cream. 


No shipping yet. When we do…you will definitely know about it!

Dairy: $12.00/q or $7.00/p

Non-Dairy: $15.00/q or $9.00/p

Cup sizes by request

Non-dairy Gluten Free : Please make a special request.