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Some of the questions that might be on your mind!


All dairy ice cream starts out with only 6 main ingredients. All flavors are tested and perfected with homemade recipes of the Pudgy Udder Ice Cream Co.!

All flavors are custom made. If you want a unique flavor just ask.

Container sizes

Pints are sold on the website. We also can sell cups (5oz) cups by calling 314-440-8342 to make an order.


Currently, after ordering, please call 314.440-8342 to arrange for delivery or a good meeting spot to get your ice cream.


No shipping yet. When we do…you will definitely know about it!

For a balanced diet, you should have a quart of Pudgy Udder Ice Cream in each hand!

Pints $8.00 or 5oz Cups $5.00 (Call)

Larger sizes by request